Coral Bleaching

This piece is called 'Coral Bleaching'. I worked with Pat Chapman to use clayshay on wood, with wood disks that had the watercolor print below + found and molded objects. Pat printed a watercolor of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia done in 1893 by William Saville...

MUSM 5021 – Video Assignments

This is a collection of videos I created for the course, MUSM 5021, which encouraged me to, "analyze structural racism and other forms of exclusion and oppression (e.g. sexism, classism) that are embedded in museum practices." (from the syllabus created by Dr. Dulce...

ATLAS 5519 – (Im)practical Programming

I took ATLAS 5519, playfully titled (im)practical programming in the Summer 2022. It was a five week intensive course that met three days a week. This is cross-posted from this repo has all my assignments for the University of Colorado, Boulder course ATLS-5519:...

MUSM 5021 – Bruno Latour’s ‘Centers of Calculation’

This video is a synthesis of the main points from Chapter 6: 'Centers of Calculation' from the book, Science in Action by Bruno Latour.  


These hearts were all gifts for special women in my life. They are made of paper, epoxy sculpt (red/black), found objects like the beads and pearls. The top and bottom heart include texture in the epoxy sculpt and glaze on top to tie the wings to the heart. These were...

User Centered Design Journal

In Spring 2022, I took a User Centered Design class. Part of the weekly class assingments was to create a design journal. I hadn't ever done something like this, but ultimately at the end of the semester I appreciated this alternate form of synthesizing what I was...

UCD Final Project

Links  Figma Prototype 2 Figma Prototype 3 Class Final Presentation Slides Design Journal with all project milestones Subset of Final Paper Over the last few decades, global research infrastructure has been enhanced to include unique identifiers for journal articles...

Myth Information

Reposted from Instagram: Today Patricia Chapman (@thepatstudio) and I finished ‘Myth Information.’ The idea for this piece stems from work I have heard about in my research group around the spread of mis- and disinformation related to COVID on Twitter (see their CHI...

FAIR Island Presentation to INFO 6500 Seminar – Spring 2022

I presented this slide in the Spring 2022 INFO 6500 Research Showcase. From the 1st presentation to the second, I realized that I needed to focus on what the acronym FAIR meant, the three parts of the project and that it is information infrastructure. By putting in...

2021 AGU Fall Meeting – Open Project Design

Julie Lowndes and I presented an invited paper “Open Project Design: Lessons from the NASA Openscapes Framework” virtually at the 2021 American Geophysical Union (AGU) annual conference, in a session “Open Science In Action” convened by Dr. Chelle Gentemann and...

Recent Work

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Decadal Reference Document

Note: This was an assignment I created in Fall 2022 for the class CSCI-INFO 5871-5919. The course title was HCC Survey and Synthesis: Foundations and Trajectories taught by Dr. Leysia Palen. Grudin writes that “Two fields of research that gave rise to HCI: (1) making...

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NASEM Workshop – Better Science for Future Us

Julie Lowndes and I presented an invited talk “Better Science for Future Us” virtually at the 2021 NASEM joint Mapping Sciences Committee and the Geographical Sciences Committee Workshop (recording), Accelerating the Analysis of Geographic Change, in a session “Data...

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Matisse Bird

This bird was inspired by a girl that Pat was working on. Pat was using tissue transfer to add Matisse cuttings to the dress of the girl. In this piece, the bird is carved from floral foam. Clay shay is used on the body and the head. Matisse cutting shapes are glued...

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AGU 2020 – Leptoukh Lecture

In 2020, I had the distinct honor of being awarded the AGU Leptoukh Lecturer. I gave a recorded talk at the 2020 Fall AGU meeting, which is viewable on AGU's website here. Talk title:  "Putting Data to Work: Moving science forward together beyond where we thought...

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FAIR Island

I am the Research Data Management Advisor for the FAIR Island Project. The FAIR Island Project supports working research stations, in French Polynesia initially, to better manage data collected by diverse research teams.  Website: 

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ESIP – The Earth Science Information Partners

In 2007, I went to my first ESIP Summer Meeting. It was in Madison, WI. I was in graduate school at Washington University in St. Louis. In my role as a graduate student I supported the ESIP Air Quality cluster, which was co-led at the time by my advisor, Dr. Rudy...

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Abstract Cat

This cat was the first piece I created with Pat Chapman during a workshop. When I revisted it, I was sorry I painted it. As Ted says, art is learning. 

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Chasing Gold Stars

Chasing Gold Stars is sculpted from floral foam, covered in clay shay and painted with acryclic paint. The gold stars have slowly fallen off of the ears - a reminder that gold stars aren't permanent.  

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I speak on a variety of topics including data management across the project lifecycle and supporting research teams as they transition to more resilient data practices. 


I am so lucky to work with Pat Chapman to create found-object, mixed media art.


I co-own Metadata Game Changers LLC with my husband, Ted Habermann. I am currently leading two projects: 


I am a 2nd year Ph.D. student in Information Science at CU Boulder. I am advised by Dr. Leysia Palen. 

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