Reposted from Instagram: Today Patricia Chapman (@thepatstudio) and I finished ‘Myth Information.’ The idea for this piece stems from work I have heard about in my research group around the spread of mis- and disinformation related to COVID on Twitter (see their CHI 2022 paper Diamond et. Al which got an honorable mention and the video presentation here for a quick summary – Her body and head are clay shay (clay that air cures, instead of firing) with tissue transfer of Covid virus 🦠 shapes onto her dress. Her skirt represents the tangled social web of viral lies. The myths (misinformation) we used were collected by NewsGuard Pat wrote a mix of COVID myths and COVID vaccine myths on the fabric strands and I made the strands of people. You might notice the large number of monkeys. One vaccine myth included a reference to monkeys and an Amazon order later cocktail monkeys were part of the piece. Her name was originally mis-information, and the play on words came from a friend of a friend. A few in progress pics are added too. I love the research/art interface and am hoping to find a way to do a piece that is more aligned with my work. Thanks, Pat!