I am very fortunate to be an art student with Pat Chapman. These posts are a few of the creations that we’ve created together. It is interesting to me to see how my research and life informs what we make. Pat is a master at bringing found objects, epoxy sculpt and clay shay together in interesting, beautiful ways!

Coral Bleaching

This piece is called 'Coral Bleaching'. I worked with Pat Chapman to use clayshay on wood, with wood disks that had the watercolor print below + found and molded objects. Pat printed a watercolor of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia done in 1893 by William Saville...


These hearts were all gifts for special women in my life. They are made of paper, epoxy sculpt (red/black), found objects like the beads and pearls. The top and bottom heart include texture in the epoxy sculpt and glaze on top to tie the wings to the heart. These were...

Myth Information

Reposted from Instagram: Today Patricia Chapman (@thepatstudio) and I finished ‘Myth Information.’ The idea for this piece stems from work I have heard about in my research group around the spread of mis- and disinformation related to COVID on Twitter (see their CHI...

Matisse Bird

This bird was inspired by a girl that Pat was working on. Pat was using tissue transfer to add Matisse cuttings to the dress of the girl. In this piece, the bird is carved from floral foam. Clay shay is used on the body and the head. Matisse cutting shapes are glued...

Abstract Cat

This cat was the first piece I created with Pat Chapman during a workshop. When I revisted it, I was sorry I painted it. As Ted says, art is learning. 

Chasing Gold Stars

Chasing Gold Stars is sculpted from floral foam, covered in clay shay and painted with acryclic paint. The gold stars have slowly fallen off of the ears - a reminder that gold stars aren't permanent.