Editors Note: I am consolidating my presence on line and grabbed this from my false start over at Medium. The original link is here.

In October, I took a giant (for me) leap and left the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) after 10 years of working there, the last six as the Executive Director. I am currently consulting, setting up a new business, Metadata Game Changers, with my husband, Ted Habermann, and starting a leadership coaching practice for Open science leaders.

My first big project was to develop and deliver the American Geophysical Union, Leptoukh Lecture. This is a named lecture award given by the Earth and Space Science Informatics Section. It was an extreme honor to be recognized by my peers. However, when I recorded the talk and got to the section where I talked about ‘What’s next for me?’ I stumbled a bit and said ‘or whatever’s next.’ So that seemed like a fitting title of this first blog post.

I like the option of blogging in Medium to be adjacent to other thought partners. I hope that it will embed in Squarespace, where I am building my site.

Edited to add: Links & correct ESSI name.